About Southern Wing Outfitters

1. How many hunters can we manage in each one of the lodges?
La Emilia 8 guests. La Candelaria 10 guests. Las Beatas 24 guests. Quillen 6 guests.

2. How long is drive from airports to lodges?
La Emilia 2:45 hours from Tucuman Airport, 2 hours from Santiago del Estero (SDE) and 2 hours from Termas de Rio Hondo (RHD). La Candelaria 1:15 hour from EZE (Buenos Aires International Airport). Las Beatas 2 hours from Tuc and 45 minutes from Catamarca Airport. Quillen 2:30 hours from Chapelco Airport.

3. Is Wifi available and if yes, is there a cost to use it?
Yes. Free

4. What services at the lodge are included and what are extra (e.g., laundry and gun cleaning)?
Laundry in La Candelaria $15 per laundry, at the other lodges it is free. Gun Cleaning is free every day.

5. Are massages available and estimated cost?
Yes. Approximately $60 for 45 minutes.

6. What methods of payment are accepted when we leave? Is there a service charge or add-on if we pay by check?
Check or cash

7. Adaptors for devises
Yes, we have

8. Some people also ask if things like shampoo, soap and insect spray will be provided?

9. What’s the best airport to fly into?
That answer is in Nr. 2.

10. Recommended tips for the bird boys and household staff?


About Hunting

1. What kind of clothes do you recommend.
2. What brand of guns do we have? Gauge? Price of rental?
3. How is the climate? Can we offer that info in a small window?
4. For ducks, do we need waders or just hip wader is enough?

5. What information from each hunter we need?
The outfitter will need the following information from each of the hunters for hunting licenses: 
Full name
Date of birth
Passport number
Address in USA
A copy (scanned) of the passport!

  1. What information do you need when you are bringing your own gun?
    Then, from those of you who are bringing guns, we need also:
    Make and model of shotgun (Browning Citori, Beretta Silver Pigeon, etc)
    Type of gun (Over and Under or semi-auto)
    Gauge (12, 20, 28, etc)
    Gun Serial number
    Barrel serial number
    Length of barrel

7. How much do you pay for each gun?
Please be aware that you have an extra cost in there, which is $70 per gun, for temporary importation taxes

8. What to bring (recommendation)
Shell bag, Recoil Pad, ear plug